2024 Social Media Hero Challenge: 3 Days, 1 Hour a Day!

2024 is around the corner, be prepared for whatever the new year may hold. Ignite Your Social Media Journey! Are you ready to set your course for social media success? Watch the recordings from the 3 day Zoom challenge tailored especially for beginners. Become a social media hero in just 3 days. Let us guide you to become an unstoppable hero and impress your friends and family!

In a world of 8 billion people, with 60% actively using social media, it’s time for your story to shine. Your chance to become a Social Media Hero is here!

Our mission is clear: We’ll guide you in establishing your social media presence, equip you with cutting-edge tools, unveil the latest trends, and empower you with invaluable tips to stand out online.

This opportunity isn’t for just anyone; it’s for the dreamers, property professionals on the rise, visionary entrepreneurs, passionate restaurateurs, and enterprising E-commerce store owners. And here’s the icing on the cake: You’ll receive a FREE certificate of attendance, boosting your job and promotion prospects. Don’t wait—this transformation is on the house! Choose to empower yourself. Join us on this inspiring journey and witness your social media potential skyrocket!

This is a training for CEOs, Decision Makers, Head Honchos, Leaders and bosses, Marketers, Estate Agents, Job Seekers, Students and more!

The world has gone virtual. In this live training, we will show you all the trends and strategies for 2024 as well as answer the top questions you might be asking yourself.


Day 1: Your Social Media Masterplan
Day 2: AI Tools & Automation, ChatGPT
Day 3: Be found on Google

When: Watch Recording
Time: 7 pm
Where: Live ZOOM Lessons
Cost: FREE

BONUS: We’ll even throw in a FREE certificate that can help you land a dream job or get a promotion.