Nobody likes to be out of their depth…

Are you a little overwhelmed by the myriad of social media options? You’re not alone! Do you feel like you have just mastered one platform, and another one mushrooms up? Don’t despair – by dedicating just one hour per day (for 21 days), you can learn all you need to know about digital marketing.

What is digital marketing?

Digital marketing is a process to bring your offering in front of your ideal buyer. In a world full of noise, you have to position yourself apart from your competitors. Digital marketing is a set of proven strategies to help you cut through the cutter and reach potential customers.  It is an umbrella term for all your company’s online marketing efforts, and includes your website, your email marketing, social media, messenging & BOTS, reporting, Google and SEO, etc.

Who’s it for?

Business owners, marketing professionals, virtual assistants, graphic designers, etc.

What can you expect afterwards?

* Increased sales
* Increase walk-in consumers
* More bums in seats

Will I understand what you are saying, or am I going to feel dumb and drown in technical jargon?

We have made it as simple as possible AKA ‘Social Media 101’…but if you do not understand ANYTHING, Sunil is a phone call or email away.

What are the deets?

* It’s an online course that runs for 21 days (1-hour lessons delivered daily).
* A dedicated WhatsApp and Facebook group will keep you on track.
* You will have unlimited access to the trainer for coaching and mentoring during the three weeks post-course.

* You’ll get training materials and video recordings, as well as 1-on-1 coaching.
* You’ll get access to the trainer for urgent social media coaching.

Must I mortage a kidney to pay for the course?

Many social media courses are lengthy and expensive, but this one has been designed with time-and-cash-strapped entrepreneurs in mind – apply what you will learn to your current business or start your own business in social media marketing, or find employment as a social media manager.

Everyone else pays R9450pp, but because I care about your bottom line you pay R3650.

Seats are limited, so don’t delay.

After this course you will be able to:
* Do digital marketing the right way.
* Attract your ideal buyers through various channels i.e. Facebook, Instagram, WhatsApp etc.
* Create beautiful posters and banners.
* Get more clients and customers.

This course will cover the following:

* Strategy: Learn how to create a detailed digital marketing plan for clients/your own business.
* Content creation: Learn how to create a content calendar and content ideas, as well as scheduling content.
* Graphics: Learn how to create compelling and engaging graphics using a free and easy-to-use design programme.
* Channels: Get to grips with the different digital marketing channels i.e. Facebook pages and ads, Instagram, and a little LinkedIn.
* Clients: Learn how to find clients using digital marketing when first starting out.
* Reporting: Learn how to do full reporting and how to measure the ROI of digital marketing.
* Results: Learn how to measure digital marketing campaign results for paid ads reporting and what matters.

This is not a magical unicorn sit-on-your-bum-and-learn course! You have to work this course, and like anything in life, you have to commit. Success is a series of consistent steps. Many seasoned digital marketing and social media fundis have reported they have learned new things on this course, yet prior to doing this course saying they already know how to do digital marketing. Sunil has helped hundreds of businesses around the world to get to grips with this digital marketing. Send an email to find out more or book your spot here.