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Does it feel as if you’re flushing your hard-earned money down the toilet when running online advertising? Karen, one of our clients, learned a very expensive lesson when she received a surprise bill of 8k after her campaign ended a month ago. Only because she attempted to do it herself. Another client, Melinda, reached quarter of a million people by spending 4k. Right now, online advertising is the most effective way to reach your ideal target audience. We are Facebook Ads specialists. After having spent over half a million Rands and over 8 years in online ads we can help you generate sales. We can train you to run your own ads or we can run the ads for you.

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At Yashtech Consulting, we understand that every brand is different. Our team provides a customised service that speaks to each client’s digital objectives, be it a digital marketing campaign designed for maximum impact, a riveting and engaging social media campaign, impactful website design or hands-on, practical web training.

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