Rescue your business from website downtime caused by recent upgrades with our swift and seamless broken site restoration, ensuring uninterrupted sales and peace of mind

The recent wave of web server upgrades has left many WordPress sites broken. Businesses are frustrated as this is causing downtime and loss of sales. If you’re one of these frustrated individuals, rest assured, help is around the corner. We can restore a broken site in no time.

Our solutions encompass resolving:

  • Resolve Server 500 errors swiftly and effectively

  • Eliminate pesky 404 errors for a seamless user experience

  • Seamlessly relocate websites to new servers without hassle

  • Expertly address and rectify Shopify errors for optimized performance

  • Tackle WooCommerce errors head-on, ensuring smooth operations

  • Address SSL certificate issues for secure browsing

  • Optimize website loading speed for improved performance

  • Resolve database connection problems

  • Fix broken plugins or themes causing site errors

  • Implement security patches to prevent hacking or malware issues

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