As humans, especially in the times we live in we have to protect our peace and energy at all costs.  People think they can just dump on us and we have to put up with it.

I saw this post on Twitter this morning, similar thing happened to me last week.

When someone behaves rude, you have two options, one to give them the satisfaction of a reaction, or two: just ignore them.  Like on Friday night I was driving home late, some ass wanted to overtake but because there are always pedestrians on the road I avoid driving on the yellow line. This ass decided to drive with his bright lights on the entire minute, I simply moved the rearview mirror away from my eye and continued to drive. As the road split into two lanes, he hooted as he passed me. I just said to myself what a sad person.

Someone who can’t control their temper and emotions is actually immature and allowing their emotions to control them instead of them controlling it. Their anger is a reflection of their immaturity. There are many affected by the psychological disorder ärrested development, basically they are kids in adults bodies. Its a kid who throws his toys out the cot.

Some things I do to protect my peace and energy.

Firstly I avoid toxic people like coronavirus, you know those friends and families who always need a shoulder to cry on, They always have a sop story to tell. I call them vampires, energy vampires and they will suck the last drop of blood from you.  They will “dump” their problems on your head and feel better while you now have to deal with all their crap in your head. I have this one mate who said to me once, “I was feeling ka@k before I spoke to you but now I feel so light and relaxed” off-course they just used your mind as a human toilet!  I’m tired of being their “prince charming and always coming to their rescue.

So I avoid them and so should you. I cut them off completely.  I also avoid those who swear a lot and always speak rudely.

How to deal to rude people?

So in my brain I have three blocks. I have created these blocks to protect my peace and energy. In those blocks I put all those things beyond my control.

  • In the first box is the ex and the mother in law, note I said “the ex, not my ex” because I don’t want to take ownership,
  • In the second box I put in taxi drivers and rude motorists and other strangers like customers and patrons,
  • And, In the third box I put in things like load-shedding, protests, pandemics like coronavirus, inflation, recessions, etc

Every morning when I wake I know one of these are going to offend me so I forgive them in advance. So when the offence happens like a taxi driver cuts me off at the intersection, I say well, I’ve already forgiven them so I don’t waste any energy or brain space festering about it. it’s already done and dusted. And I can focus on more important things.