What is a “WHY”?

Your WHY is that one personal goal or desire that you truly and completely believe in your hearts of hearts.  It’s that one thing you are passionate about.  You think about it all the time, you think about it when you wake up, you think about it during your day, and even dream about it.  You’re obsessed with it. You are committed to it.

The term “WHY” was coined by author Simon Sinek. Check out his book.

In simple terms your “WHY” is that magnetic outside force that motivates you to jump out of bed and hit the ground running daily, giving your best at the same time, you will do anything to achieve your “WHY”, you will even do undesirable things with a smile to achieve your “WHY”. Your “WHY” is what drives the engine, it makes you dream and complete tasks.  Your “WHY” is the big picture.

Your WHY helps you laser-focus in on your goals and objectives.  If you have a “WHY”, you will by all means try to achieve it.  It also helps you avoid and reject those activities that will waste your time and delay your efforts to achieve your “WHY’!

Your WHY could be:

  • To give your family the best life possible,
  • To buy your parents a home,
  • To feed and clothe widows and orphans,
  • To bring justice to the oppressed,
  • To be the best CEO in your industry,
  • To win a beauty pageant,
  • World peace and more.

Your “WHY” is that firecracker under your bum!

Everybody needs their own “WHY”.

This holiday season, discover your “WHY”.

Why do you need a “WHY”?

As mentioned above, your “WHY” keeps you on track, it prevents you from putting the cart before the horse.

How do you discover your “WHY”?

Don’t complicate it. Keep it simple. Just make a list of the most important things in your life.  And choose the most important of that list. And then go after it.  Then write it down and print copies and keep it within eye reach.

Go out and conquer, little one!

What is our “WHY” and why do we do what we do?

From the time I was a little kid, I was obsessed with technology and the virtual world. In fact, I have a strong electronics background.  So when I stumbled upon the Internet one day, I was like a child in a candy store. From very early in my life I dreamed of technologies like internet banking, and internet phone calling, I remember back in varsity in 2000, I had a crush on this girl, and I was trying to call her through internet phone but that didn’t work because it was 2000 but I did send her first SMS, smooth right?

I absolutely love what I do and I desire to help others simplify their lives through internet technologies.  I’m a firm believer in working smart not hard.  If you have the right strategy, you can save a ton of money, energy, and time!

I desire for all to harness the power of digital marketing and social media projects.

So, my “WHY” is to help as many people benefit from these platforms.

I can show you how to make your pretty website generate leads for you, from a trophy wife to a workhorse.

I can show you how you can expand your rand by making your paid ads more profitable and reach more people, imagine if you could reach twice as many clients for the same budget.

I can set up an online store for you so you can print your own money even while you sleep.

I can train you and your kids to become self-sufficient using these techniques.  In fact, we can show your kids how to earn an income now while they complete their 4-year studies. We have an easy-to-follow proven system that anyone can execute and start earning money.  The system is easy but it will take you elbow grease to make it a success.

If you want to transform your business and your life, check out our free social media training next week.  we already have 50% booked, come along, learn new tricks, network, and make new friends.  Click here!