Have you heard? Elon Musk, South Africa’s favourite green-eyed American boy has just purchased Twitter for a staggering $44BN, which is around R680BN. What does this mean for South Africa and Business?

Now Twitter, which only has around 180 million users and is one or maybe the most annoying of the social networks out there, full of trolls and keyboard warriors was his network of choice.

If you do the math. firstly a Billion is a thousand million and has 9 zeros. so 44 BN = $44,000,000,000,

So let’s divide $44BN by 180 million subscribers, which equals = $244 the cost per Twitter subscriber! Now let’s convert that to ZAR = R 3 845,69, this means that Elon Musk just paid over R3k per social media user.

Please do not ask me why Elon bought the social network, rumours has it, he wants speech to be free, some say to feed his narcissism, some say to shut it down and some say to take over the world but who really knows?

Now we all know that Elon is a visionary and an investor. He can spot an investment a mile away. In fact for those who didn’t know, he was one of the creators of PayPal, the grandfather of digital currency. If he has seen the potential, imagine the possibilities social media has?

That’s the value of social media. And, I have even better news for you, you don’t have to buy a social network to benefit from these platforms for your business.

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“To the world, you may be one person, but to one person you may be the world.” ― Dr. Seuss – 

What does this mean for business?

As we speak there is over half the global population on Social Media. Roughly 58% of the inhabitants of Earth are using social media. But we don’t have to reach all of them. We just need a small slice of that pie.

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