Email Marketing usually has a bad reputation with everyone. Mainly because of all the spamming and POPI acts.   But what if I told you it could be your best source of business?

Another deterrent is that it seems like rocket science and we all know what rocket science means, hard work and expensive?  But what if I told you it’s simple to create and also FREE?

Most people are afraid to send out newsletters because they are scared of unsubscribes, being reported for spam, or getting into trouble with the spam cops. But what if I told you that you are just being paranoid?

Firstly, if people unsubscribe, that’s their problem, it’s natural to lose subscribers, some subscribers just take a break for a while or maybe they just outgrew your list?  Focus on the subscribers who are staying and continue to write kickass compelling content.

Secondly, if people have given you their email address it means they want to hear from you, so email away, don’t email them every minute of the day, but at least once a week so they remember you and keep them engaged with great quality, captivating content. Why do we send them regular emails? Won’t they get annoyed? So we remain top of mind, you know the saying out of sight out of mind?  And there is a silent rule in marketing called “Rule of 7” We must make 7 or more “touches” with our prospect before they consider buying from us.”   🎙️ Ting! Ting! Ting! It’s NOT Spam if they gave you permission to email them. On the other hand, if you purchased a list or email them without permission then you deserve to be reported for spam, you spammer! Only send OPT-IN emails.

Thirdly, if you have the right processes in place and use the correct channels, you will be compliant with POPI.  As long as you are not sending unsolicited email blasts out to people who have not shared their details.

Often overlooked and frowned upon, email marketing could be your most profitable channel.

You’re Sitting On A Gold-Mine

Close your eyes and imagine this as you read this. Imagine you just sold your childhood home and the land that it was built on, which you inherited and lived all your life on, for a good sum of money. You’re happy because you made some money. Now imagine how you would feel if after a few months you find out that the new owner discovered gold deposits on the land, how would you feel?

Most people are sitting on a Gold Mine and don’t know it.  Start building your email database today.

Do a tally of all your clients, past, present and expired.  Also, make a list of those you quoted and went with another service provider.  Put them into Microsoft Excel and create a simple database with Name and Email,  BOOM you have a Gold-Mine of clients!

You’re Sitting On A Gold-Mine

You’re Sitting On A Gold-Mine

CASE STUDY 1: 80% of my business comes through email marketing.  Since the beginning, I’ve always used an email influencer with an engaged list. The pic above is one of my 2019 Q4 Workshops. In one transmission I yielded an 80% Return-On-Investment (ROI). Let’s do the math: if it costs R1000 per delegate to attend and it costs me R3000 to send out the newsletter, as per the pic above I had 16 attendees at R1000 a pop, so R16000 minus the R3000 is an R13000 increase. Not bad for one day?  I was lucky enough to have one of the influencer’s subscribers say to me once.  “We have our monies in our hands, ready to buy anything she is selling us.”

Email Marketing Is Very Much ALIVE!

Email Marketing Is Very Much ALIVE!

CASE STUDY 2:  I recently had the privilege to attend a sales seminar in Hillcrest.  The speaker was really good and captivating. It’s no secret or any invasion of privacy. because the speaker was gracious enough to share his results with all 55 of us in the room.  He went on to say he initially intended for hosting 20 delegates but due to the overwhelming response he received, he had to change his venue twice to meet the capacity. If you ask me, that’s a good problem to have.  Let’s do the math, if he charged R1000 per person to attend and 55 booked, he made R55k in one day? R55k by just using his email database.  No paid ads, no Facebook ads.  Now, R55k is not bad for good ol’ email marketing.

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