R.E.M. was way ahead of their time, releasing “It’s the end of the world as we know it” more than 30 years ago (in 1987). But I don’t think that they could have predicted the chaos that COVID-19 has unleashed on the world. I was chatting to a friend recently and mentioned that lockdown feels Wonderland-esque, and I am sure this is what falling down the rabbit hole would feel like.

Seemingly overnight, the world changed, and it’s really rather peculiar. Our freedom of movement has been severely curtailed, and facemasks are the new normal. I cannot help but think that Michael Jackson would have loved these times. I miss daily human interaction – Zoom and WhatsApp video calls are great, but there is no substitute for a massive, crushing hug from your BFF. Handshakes, hugs, and kisses have been replaced by Zoom calls, remote working, and online shopping.

Amidst all the doom and gloom though, there have been glimmers of positivity – families have been reunited; parents have been spending quality time with their kids and less time working; budding bakers and chefs have been unleashed, and digital marketing has surged ahead as the best form of advertising through which to reach customers. If there is one thing this crisis has taught us, it’s that we are stronger than we think and it’s time to be resourceful – pause, reflect and change course, and with all the technologies available to us in 2020, it’s never been easier to launch a successful business.

Having a digital presence is one thing, but is it in converting your prospects into customers and clients?

In the interests of growing small businesses and converting more businesses to a digital way of life, here are a few offerings at prices exclusive to my A-List fans:

Social Media Manager Course

Now is the perfect time to learn effective strategies to increase your grasp of social media. So whether you currently own a business, work in social media/marketing, are a graphic designer, virtual assistant, are unemployed, or are looking for a new venture, why not invest in a social media course? You’ll be able to apply what you’ll learn to your current business, start your own business in social media marketing, or find employment as a social media manager. For the month of June, this course is only R499pp for A-Listers. Click here to book.

Social Media Round Table

Would you step into a plane without first knowing the destination? You wouldn’t, so why leave your business and social media to chance? Q3 is fast approaching, and you’re definitely planning to fail if you fail to plan. This is a 2-hour practical strategy session, to plan what you need before you even create your social media pages. What you can expect: * content ideas * inspiration for posts * discover the best time to post * how to boost posts most effectively        * how to define growth strategies * how to convert fans into customers. This session is for business owners and decision-makers. A-List fans pay only R279. Click here to book.

Affordable “Lite” Online Shopping Cart/eCommerce

In recent months, eCommerce has exploded! Now is the best time to have an online shop or upgrade your current website into an eCommerce site. Having worked with brands such as Infinity Dress SA, the Gautrain, Masterbuilders, Builders, RMI, and many more, Sunil has developed a simple yet effective sales system that has one objective “to maximise sales for their clients”.  This “Lite” 7 product solution for only R1850 is exclusive to A-Listers and includes 7 products, instant payments, and automatic invoicing. This is ideal for businesses that sell cakes and cupcakes, homecooked meals, coaching services, facemasks, etc. Click here for a demo.

Professional Email Address and Domain

Having a professional email address and domain is vital to projecting a professional image. Save more than 30% when you purchase this annual premium plan. Click here for more details.

Website Design and Redesign

Your website is often the first point of contact with potential clients/customers. It needs to be slick, professional, and impactful while delivering your core message in a way that resonates with your target market. Your website is a portal to more leads, and to new leads. If constantly refreshed in terms of design and content, it will generate more sales. Click here for details.

For more info on all of the above, email info@socialmedias.co.za or call/WhatsApp 081 714 6525.