I have certainly worked with more than my fair share of dodgy website and software designers. One, to whom I paid a substantial deposit to confirm the redesign of my previous business’ website, “outsourced” the job to a company that went under, along with my deposit. I did eventually get my money back, but it did involve a lengthy and rather unpleasant battle.

The next website developer I approached was so sympathetic and then proceeded to sell me a very expensive website with all the bells and whistles, but it never did what she promised it would do. After spending a lot of money on her design, I then had to get a software developer to design a CRM system for me to fill the gaps, and another massive bill later, this developer folded, along with a system he never completed!

I did finally find someone who did a decent job, and that website worked very successfully for many years – but that was through much trial and error to find her!

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