Productivity Tips to Save Time, Money and Energy. 😈

Here are some easy to action tips that can shave time off your busy day and make you more money.

I see a lot of my clients struggling with technology, I don’t know if they’re clueless or if they are just suckers for punishment. Those that know me personally know that I’m usually a calm and happy person, but sometimes I also lose it! These are some pet peeves of mine…

Spend some time and learn the features on your computer and smartphone. Its pointless having the latest technology but still using it for it’s basic functionality.

Uninstall all Bloatware and Unnecessary Apps and Programs.

Delete all apps and programs you don’t use. I delete the trial software and antivirus that came with my computer.  I uninstall all the apps taking up space on my mobile. This not only frees up space but also improves performance and battery, saving data for important apps at the same time. I change my WIFI connection to “metered” so it doesn’t update constantly.

Disable ALL Notifications:

To avoid “Red Tick” syndrome. I change all apps and programs from automatically sending me notifications.  Sometimes I’m in my “FLOW”  and a silly notification can break my concentration and it would take a while to get back into the groove.  I set my notifications to only show when I go into the app.

Use Your Keyboard:

Your keyboard has special shortcuts to improve productivity.  Instead of right clicking to copy and paste, use “CTRL+C”  to copy, “CTRL+V”  to paste, “CTRL+X”  to cut. Just use “CMD” or “COMMAND” key on MAC. Try it.

Use the Enter Key:  When you type an address or keyword in the search bar, simply hit the enter key, no need to move the cursor and click “GO”.

Use the Alt+ Tab Key or CMD + Tab Key:  You can swop between applications on your computer by using these shortcuts.

Get a Bloody Mouse 😡

This is the number one (#1) most annoying peeve of mine!   Go to Incredible Connection and buy a bloody mouse. It will make your life so much easier and you don’t have to take out your frustration on your poor spouse!  Get a wireless Logitech Mouse around R300. It will last you around 18 months and then go buy a new one. Mouse’s or Mice are consumables so you should replace them regularly, if not replaced regularly, they become “sticky”.

Use Your Trackpad 🤦

If you insist on using your track pad use your fingers!  Use trackpad gestures. if you move two fingers downwards together you can scroll up and down,  no need to move your cursor/mouse pointer to the top or bottom of your browser to scroll.  If you pinch (move two fingers together or apart) you can zoom in and out.

Get Grammarly

There is no excuse to share anything with spelling mistakes or bad grammar. Grammarly is a FREE tool to correct spelling and grammar on the go. It’s FREE!

Use Google Chrome

Use Google Chrome to sync your activity between devices.  Chrome is the industry standard for websites.  Its fast, secure and convenient.  It remembers your activity and links.

Use Tabs!

Use multiple tabs to multitask between browser windows and websites.  If you are working with a certain website, no need to open and close each time while switching between websites.

Switch to Dark Mode

If the white is too much on your eye, change to dark mode. Most modern programs allow you to change to dark mode.



Use “Bookmarks” or “Internet Shortcuts” to save important websites for viewing later.  There are other apps such as Evernote that can also help you share between devices.

Deep Breaths!

Take Deep breaths:  Breathe in through your nose and breathe out through your mouth.  Slow deep breaths in and fast breaths out.  Do 6-10 at a time to relax.

That’s it, enough of my rantings! 

Save time to make money on the things you love! ❤️