We are thrilled to announce the successful completion of our Web Developer Programme. Over the past eight weeks, 65 students from around the globe have immersed themselves in the world of web development, learning to build professional websites using the WordPress platform.

The journey has been nothing short of remarkable. Each week, students logged in from various corners of the world, fully engaged and eager to learn. The programme covered a broad spectrum of topics, including WordPress, website fundamentals, ChatGPT & AI, Canva, AI image & video production, pixels, and more. These foundational lessons have equipped students with the skills needed to build world-class websites from scratch using just a computer and an internet connection.

This course, described as a “bread and butter” programme, provides students with the essential tools to either start their own web design business, secure a job at an agency, or manage a company’s website. We emphasized the practical applications of web design, demonstrating how students could leverage their new skills to create impactful, professional-grade websites.

Throughout the programme, students had access to a wealth of resources, including a WhatsApp group for real-time support, Facebook groups, live web hosting cPanel, templates, themes, manuals, and more. The course recordings were made available on YouTube and the Facebook group, ensuring students have lifetime access to these invaluable materials.

Student Testimonials:

  • Boipelo Kgwadi: “Great and informative lessons, I can’t wait to use it to make money for myself as a student.”
  • Trish Sukdeo: “The training was informative, productive, and Sunil was very patient and helpful. This course has shown us a different industry waiting to be explored. I highly recommend it to my friends and family.”
  • Tasmiyah Mahadeo: “This course has given me the skills and knowledge to pursue my career.”
  • Leona Pillay: “I loved every lesson. Sunil was very responsive and helpful, answering every question in detail. These classes are absolutely helpful and I look forward to more!”
  • Madine Tyson: “Sunil’s support was first-class. Thank you for empowering our community.”
  • Tashrini Naicker: “It was a pleasure learning with Sunil. He provided all necessary resources and support. Highly recommended!”
  • Nathan Beaumont: “Very informative and friendly. I thoroughly enjoyed all the lessons and learned so much.”
  • Deborah Conlon: “Easily explained, the course has been a whole new learning chapter for me. Lessons were easy to understand and very well presented.”
  • Simphiwe Mthembu: “The course was fabulous. Our teacher, Mr. Sunil, ensured we understood everything.”
  • Daendre Mare: “Sunil’s classes are amazing, and he goes the extra mile to ensure we understand.”
  • Khayimac Mabaso: “Sunil’s WordPress course exceeded all my expectations. I now feel well-prepared to tackle any web development challenge.”

Opening Up Enrollments for July

Given the success of this programme and our mission to foster entrepreneurship among Gen Z, we have decided to open up enrollments for our next session starting in July. If you know a young person not yet enrolled in a tertiary institute, encourage them to take advantage of this life-changing opportunity. The value of this programme is R7500, and it offers a pathway to a promising career in web development.