I received an email from a travel agent this week with the subject line all in caps “CRUISE TO NOWHERE IS BACK”.  That subject line intrigued me and compelled me to want to open and read it.  Inside was various cabin packages from 2 passengers and more.

I must admit I was tempted to get on that ship mainly because I’ve never been on a cruise before. As fun and exciting as it sounded I soon talked myself out of it. I realized why this type of holiday is not for me, apart from the nausea and sea sickness from all the wobbling around, I’m also highly claustrophobic and even the thought of being cooped up with other humans for three days seemed daunting(and not mentioning the horrific cv19 ship) but because it said “cruise to nowhere” I talked myself out of it.  One of my personalities (the logical one, lol yeah) managed to convince the monkey brain personality out of it.  I kept asking myself what’s the point of a holiday to nowhere, my brain thinks its a pointless holiday? Yes, I get it, its great for people who just need an escape and to getaway, but it’s not my kinda holiday.

BUT… It got me thinking how many of us are cruising to nowhere in our businesses. How many of us are just winging it and leaving it to chance by delegating the vital business growth tasks into the hands of wrong staff members. After training corporates and businesses for over 5 years it doesn’t surprise me anymore how many companies blindly dive into their business without any form of direction or plan.

When last have you just pitched up at the airport and impulsively hopped on a flight to some random destination?  I doubt you’ve ever done that, nobody does that, why? Because usually there are certain requirements, you may need a valid passport or require visas.  A successful trip requires proper planning.  But many of us are impulsively running our businesses with no itinerary whatsoever.

When I worked in corporate, it always surprised me how the various departments lacked synergy and chose to do things their own way. As business owners, the onus is upon us to keep our team motivated, engaged and all on the same page, we have to set the global vision of the company and ensure everyone on the team is striving toward the same goals.

I chuckled when it reminded me of when I worked in the automotive industry and how my colleague used to ask “Are you on cruise control or speed control today ?”  I saw a popular business meme, ‘ACTION BEATS STRATEGY”, but what happens when you got no strategy?

Business is not getting easier, so much challenges and competition out there right now, we need to be intentional with our businesses. Over the years we’ve identified common culprits among these companies being the lack of   strategy, no road map or no solid plans.

Some Tips to Help Your Company have the Unfair Advantage.

I like this lyric from one of my all time favorite bands Faithless “You don’t need eyes to see, you need vision”

Keep Your Team Motivated, Always!

Your Why, Vision & Mission:  Start with the “WHY” of your business.  Print it out and make it visible at all times. Constantly reaffirm your company “VISION & MISSION”.  Each and every staff member is a “Brand Advocate” of yours.

Create SMART GOALS for your business.

SMART stands for Specific, Measurable, Attainable, Relevant and Time Based goals.  Create intentional, purposeful goals that can be tracked and achieved.

Send Your Team for Training:

I saw a cool quote on LinkedIn once:

What if we train them and they leave? BUT what if we don’t and they stay?

Many business owners are afraid to train their staff as they might jump ship.

But imagine how we can streamline our business if we train our staff?  Better Paying Clients? Clearer solutions and offerings? Saving time by automating business processes? Better marketing message hence saving on marketing costs?

The Cruise To Nowhere is BACK!

The Cruise To Nowhere is BACK!

Business Growth Round Table

Would you step into a plane without first knowing the destination? You wouldn’t, so why leave your business and marketing to chance? 2023 is fast approaching, and you’re definitely planning to fail if you fail to plan.

This is a 4-hour practical strategy session, to plan what you need before you even create your marketing plan.

What you can expect:

  • How to get leads fast
  • Identify your ideal buyers
  • content ideas
  • inspiration for posts
  • discover the best time to post
  • how to boost posts most effectively
  • how to define growth strategies
  • how to convert fans into customers.
  • Motivated Team players

This session is for business owners and decision-makers.