We understand there’s a lot of new technology and it can get a bit mindboggling at times, that is why we tried to keep this post as easy to understand as possible.

I initially started out writing this article with only TikTok in mind, but after doing some exploring and my own personal research this weekend, we cannot ignore Instagram Reels.

Before we proceed, let’s go through some basics or foundations.

What is TikTok and should I be concerned?  – TikTok is a new vertical video mobile app that started out as lip-syncing and showing off dance moves among Teens, Gen-Z and Millennials.  But now the adoption rate among all demographics is growing so drastically that it can not be ignored.

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“To the world, you may be one person, but to one person you may be the world.” ― Dr. Seuss – 

With the fastest-growing demographic? Those over 35

In fact, TikTok is the most downloaded app currently. See below:

What are Instagram Reels? Instagram Reels is Facebook’s version and direct and head-on competition to TikTok. It used to be predominantly on Instagram but The Zuck, everybody’s favourite Narc, can’t bear to watch any other social network in the spotlight and wants world domination has opened up Instagram Reels into Facebook.  The Reels reach is insane.  I posted a few videos on Reels through Facebook and within a day the videos had over 50K views.

How crazy is that?  That be cray cray!  See below:

Let’s understand how all social networks work first:

Reach – The number of unique mobile phones your content reaches or lands on. So if your Reach is 100 it means your content appeared on 100 cellphones.

Engagement – Any reactions your followers have with your content, could be “a like, a share, a tag, a video view, or a swipe”, depending on the platform.

Shiny Object Syndrome – As entrepreneurs and business owners we are warned against shiny object syndrome, shiny object syndrome is how we jump from one fad to another with the hopes of success.  In the beginning, we told people that TikTok and Reels are just one of those passing fads, but with over 1 billion users and the number 1 downloaded mobile app in the app stores, we can not afford to ignore them anymore.

Discovery – The TikTok algorithm is intelligent and allows you to see the content you prefer. About two-thirds of TikTok users were introduced to a brand or product of which they had not previously been aware.

Do I Need to learn new Dance Moves and Brush up on my singing skills? – You don’t need to learn silly dance moves or learn how to lipsync to popular songs,  In fact, if you just be your authentic self you can do well. The trick is consistency and maintaining your voice.

Hashtags, what the heck is a Hashtag?  If you’ve been at a braai or barbecue and watched someone trying to light the coal, and they throw in some fuel, firefighters, or petrol to start the fire and you watch a mini-explosion.  That’s what Hashtags do to your content, Hashtags are like a catalyst, they are the firestarter, they help your content reach massive audiences and go viral.  A Hashtag is just a keyword with a “#” sign in front.

TikTok and Reels Tips!

  • Tell Your Story. Social Media is your storyboard, Don’t just post salesy content, then the algorithm will not send it to more people. Use social media to tell your story. Don’t just use one channel but use the most popular ones.
  • Be AUTHENTIC, JUST BE You. Use/show your face, build affinity and let people know who you are. People buy from people. You would agree that real estate is a saturated market, stand out from the pack.
  • BE CONSISTENT, Post regularly so you can grow your audience.
  • Keep your videos short and sweet. Under the 60s but 15s work best.
  • Stop the Scroll, Attractive Natural video, Attract more views with natural and authentic content. This increases hover time and watch time of your video,
  • Spend time on the platform liking and engaging with others. Don’t just post your content and leave.
  • Record on your camera then upload to both TikTok and Reels. Reels will throttle your reach if you have the TikTok logo on.
  • Engage Influencers – Because people hate to be sold and respond better to content from people they know like and trust.

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