If you’ve ever driven down the N3 between PMB and Durban you would be all too familiar with this iconic landmark Exit 35 overhead signboard giving you two options to reach your destination.

If you choose to proceed left on the M13, even though the journey is free, be prepared for a longer journey.  The M13 is a windy route, the roads are not as neat and maintained as the N3.  The M13 is notorious for its traffic jams, especially on Fields Hill and sometimes you may even encounter stray cattle, I must admit this route is a little more scenic.

On the other hand, If you choose to proceed straight ahead, be prepared to pay the toll fee.  This route costs you but there are many benefits to it, like a quicker journey, well-maintained roads, breakdown assistance etc. So you will have peace of mind.

This is exactly what people do in their business.  They hustle, they wing it.  They see how they can cut costs.  But this methodology proves fatal as they delay their projected goals causing them to lose good ground and traction against their competitors.  in the long run, it’s more costly.

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“To the world, you may be one person, but to one person you may be the world.” ― Dr. Seuss – 

There are many thingamabobs, bells and whistles that need to be working together to make your company work in harmony.


The moral of the story is to go premium or go home,  Invest in the proper solutions to move your business forward. Don’t scrimp on essential services.

Having said that, If you have a Plan B, or investments or rich parents then take the scenic route by all means, but if you are on a tight shoestring budget, rather use that budget and invest in a professional solution..

Here’s a bonus route: Let’s say you want to drive from Durban to Cape Town. Google Maps gives you two options, which do you choose?

Yesterday, a lady in the accounting field made contact with me, she asked me “Do you know of any buy and sell WhatsApp groups in Sandton I can market my services” I replied “Marketing on those platforms is like a Hamster in the wheel” She misunderstood and said “Please sign me up ASAP!”, Then I had to explain that the Hamster in the wheel is not a good thing and is an analogy for working hard but you see no results. Marketing on these platforms including Facebook groups has no real effect unless you engage with the other members and create awareness with them.

Sometimes the wrong decision will waste time, money and energy.

Another analogy is “Eat Soup With A Fork” .

Eat Soup With A Fork