Transforming lives one person at a time. We all have been experiencing the brunt of inflation. Cost of living and prices are at an all time high. Our goal is to empower and grow our communities. In our efforts to help and support the community, we are always looking for new ways to give back, and decided to give our marketing budgets to you instead of throwing it into the Facebook and Google coffers.  Our marketing and advertising budgets are usually around R3000-R5000.

What we have decided is instead of advertising on various platforms, we have taken that money and paying to ordinary people if they refer clients to us.  It could be once off, or it can be ongoing and bring in revenue regularly.

Everybody knows somebody!

If you know someone who needs our services we pay a good referral fee / finders fee / spotters fee / commission / affiliate, kick-back, cut, or whatever you want to call it.  You may already know someone.  Maybe you work in sales & marketing, admin, front office. Maybe your spouse owns a business? Or you are in network marketing and highly connected to business owners.

We’ve made it as easy as possible for you to earn.

All you have to do is keep your eye out for somebody who needs our services. We only have web design packages to choose from.  If its more custom work or other services, just ask us.  We pay you according to the sale value. Choose between Shopping Vouchers, Cash, e-Wallet.

What would you do with an extra R500, R750 or R1000 per month? Shopping? Petrol? Toilet Paper? Pamper Party? Baby Formula? Nappies? Your choice!

  • One Pager Website Package – Client pays R2,499 You get voucher value: R500
  • 4 Website Package – Client pays R3,650 You get voucher value: R750
  • 6 Website Package – Client pays R4,999 You get voucher value: R1000

How It Works?

If you know someone who needs a website, contact them directly. Tell them about our website packages.  Once you convince them, then share our details. We take it from there.

Terms and Conditions.

We only pay on order confirmation. What this means is that the referral must pay us first and then we pay you.  We do not pay any monies if there is no confirmation or any monetary deposit.