School is almost done and dusted and the long school holidays are looming… Why not give consider giving your newly-Matriculated kids an unfair advantage, by empowering them with a vital skill, while their friends are off partying up a storm, or relaxing on holiday?

I am a mom of one very academic and sporty girl, and a boy that is her polar opposite, so I am well aware that not all kids are academic and/or sporty, some kids are entrepreneurial and creative. So not ALL kids will want to go to ‘varsity to study further. In this era of social media and influencers, now is a really good time to enrol your kids for this course, which will equip them for a career in social media management, or help them earn some extra bucks while studying (if they do opt to study further). If they’re really serious about social media management as a potential career, there’s also an optional certification exam available.

Many social media courses are lengthy and expensive, but this one has been designed with young entrepreneurs in mind – they’ll be able to start their own business in social media marketing or find employment as a social media manager with the certification completed.

This course will cover the following:

* Strategy: Learn how to create a detailed social media plan for clients/your own business
* Content creation: Learn how to create a content calendar and content ideas, as well as scheduling content
* Graphics: Learn how to create compelling and engaging graphics using a free and easy-to-use design programme
* Channels: Get to grips with the different social media channels i.e. Facebook pages and ads, Instagram, and a little LinkedIn
* Clients: Learn how to find clients using social media when starting out
* Reporting: Learn how to do full reporting and how to measure ROI of social media
* Results: Learn how to measure social media campaign results for paid ads reporting and what matters