Your business is your baby.  Just like you want only the best for your baby you will want the same for your business.

I became a parent at 23. Life will use your own kids to teach you lessons. I love that speech by Steve Jobs about connecting the dots, you can only connect the dots later in life.

I remember when we became new parents and finances were tight so we purchased the no-name brand nappies instead of Pampers.  And then the next day there was a “poop-explosion” everywhere, the no-name brand nappies burst and there was poop all over the place.

I remember another incident when my son was on baby formula/milk he was on this special milk and we couldn’t afford it one month and purchased the cheaper version and he started to vomit the milk out.

Same with your business, you don’t want a poop explosion in your business because cheap and shoddy projects will vomit your business out.

Invest and get the proper solution.  You cant expect a cheap product to deliver the profitable results you expect. Marketing and branding are important for your business.  A cheap or inferior product will cost you and damage your brand in the long run.

Your brand should elicit Trust, Credibility, Authority and Affinity with your clients and prospects.

Another reason to not ask for discounts is that we web designers also have bills and accounts to pay.  The lower you pay us the lower quality assets like software and themes we use and the more projects we have to take on, so this also causes project delays and reduces project priority.

Furthermore, your prospects can sniff a cheapskate a mile away.  You don’t want to deter prospective clients by choosing inferior quality products.

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