My fabulous PA (Dorene) and I attended Sunil’s digital marketing workshop at the end of September at The Office in Morningside. It achieved two things:

1. I realised that I don’t know as much as I thought I did when it comes to digital stuff.
2. It ignited a fire under my butt as I plan to implement most of what I learned at the workshop over the next few months.

What I liked about Sunil’s approach was that he did not profess to know everything, and he did not offer us a magic pill to swallow to sort out all of our digital marketing. He explained that is it hard work and you have to work at it constantly, but with the right tips and tricks at your disposal, it will get a little easier.

Sunil said that we did not need to take notes as he would email his slides to us, but I still jotted down almost 20 pages of nuggets – I learn best by writing things down. Some of the info was basic stuff that I already knew (which he needed to cover as the delegates were all at very different levels), but much of the content was very useful, practical advice!

Sunil’s next workshop takes place on 17 November so I have once again twisted his arm to give you a discount of 500 bucks (usually R1499 but my A-listers pay only R999)!