Yes, WordPress is free, themes are free and plugins are free.  why do you charge for web design?

If you want a cake, you have two options, 1 is to bake one or 2 is to buy one. The second option is much more convenient but it’s going to cost you far more than baking it yourself, it will save you time but will cost you. If you chose the first option it would be much cheaper but you have to get all the ingredients from the grocery store, put everything together and throw it in the oven, then wait to cool before you can ice it. So to bake a nice chocolate cake as pictured it’s gonna take you about 3 hours.

Similarly, if you want to get yourself a supercar, you have 2 options, 1 you can build one yourself that may end up taking you years to complete as is most project cars and eventually you will get fed up and sell all the parts or you can go to the car dealer and buy one.  it depends on what you want.

The same applies to web design and development. WordPress is free but it’s just one ingredient to the masterpiece.  Other aspects of web design and development carry a cost or subscription fee like domain names and web hosting.  As web developers and agency owners, we have other costs to factor such as electricity, internet data, software, time etc.

Furthermore, web design is a science. It’s not about slapping some pics and text on a webpage.  It’s all about user experience which is giving the visitor a great website journey or experience. It takes years to master and become a web design professional, so when we charge you a fee it’s because we spend a lot of time strategising before we build web pages.

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